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Like there was a backstage

While waiting for their real target, Merry and Zeto let Coolman call his boss, who is indifferent to Coolman's safety but discreetly asks Monroe County Sheriff Summers to start a search for Buck. He quits Bayou Brethren and moves back to Milwaukee to open a music store. Coolman's abduction is bad news for Buck Nance, his client and the star of Bayou Brethren, a Duck Dynasty knockoff centered around a family of mostly bearded Cajuns who raise roosters. The author is remarkably good in the array of strange, weird and off beat characters that he conceives of and develops. It begins with a case of mistaken identity and a car crash by Merry and her co-conspirator, Zeto, which results in Lane Coolman, being abducted.

Rosa Campesino, is traveling in Europe, and may be planning to stay permanently. Doubloons and cannon balls and so forth. Merry directed Coolman where to park. The cops arrived and wrote up the red-haired pube shaver for careless driving.

In fear for his safety, Buck flees into the night and hacks off his trademark beard in the kitchen of a closed restaurant. He does a great job in skewering a particular type of reality show and other aspects of Florida life. Yancy's emotional blow is greatly softened when he returns home and finds Merry waiting for him, having decided that Yancy is too much fun for her to give up at least for the immediate future.

On her pale thigh was the razor mark. Andrew Yancy is an ex-cop, who has been reduced to the roach patrol, but feels that if he can make a big contribution in a case, he can return to being a cop. Coolman offered to take Merry to the show.

Her marks are men that she easily dupes with charm. From the blood in my eyes. If not for the gold earring and oily long hair he could have been a Navy pilot. The woman was wearing a maroon fleece jacket and rhinestone flip-flops.

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One of the police officers had pried the damaged bumper from the Buick, and Coolman was trying to fit it into the back seat. You should come hear him tonight. The questions were printed on index cards distributed in advance to random fuckwits in the crowd.

The games you guys play, I swear. Like there was a backstage. He's off his game, and improvises with a few racist and homophobic jokes. He comes to be aided by the charismatic Merry. My husband would get so pissed.