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Reappraising State-Owned Enterprise by Franco Amatori download in iPad, ePub, pdf

He has published extensively on the history of state-owned enterprise, of accounting, of comparative economic growth and entrepreneurship. Authors wishing to submit proposals for publication consideration in the Routledge International Studies in Business History series can contact series editors Jeffrey Fear Jeffrey.

His research interest

His research interest in business history covers both Italian as well as international cases. About the Series Routledge International Studies in Business History Recent years have seen an explosion of research in business history.

Iri from the Golden Age To the Fall. This series is not limited to any single approach, and explores a wide range of issues and industries.

The Nature of State Enterprise in Britain. In the s Great Britain embarked on a harsh process of privatizations while Italians struggled on until finally submitting to privatizations in their nation in the following decade. The Case of the Channel Tunnel.

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