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By the end of the fourth year, Earth is now one full day behind schedule. Shadows around noontime are very short. The corner of a high building is much better, but a tall, thin flagpole is probably the best. That is exactly what has happen in this drawing. The center measuring point of your protractor should be placed at the intersection of the base of the flagpole and the southern horizon.

The two rays of sunlight that strike the bottom of the flagpole make the same angle to the southern horizon, meaning that the sun is just as high in the sky on either side of its orbit. Describe solar system motions and use them to explain time e. If this really did occur, we would have no change in the seasons. It is also believed that Black Friday played a crucial role in further radicalizing the protest movement, uniting the opposition to the Shah and mobilized the masses. Compare the low sun energy distribution with that of the vertical beam.

Shadows are long and the sun is only up for nine hours. Lesson Goal Most students and adults do not understand the causes and effects of the seasons. The sun is visible for a much shorter time during the day.

Describe solar systemThe two rays of

Recycling creates four jobs for every one job created in the waste management and disposal industries. Likewise, as the Earth orbits the sun, our view of the stars that we see at night slowly changes.

The longest day of the year occurs for residents of the Northern Hemisphere when the sun is at its most northerly position with respect to the equator. You should notice that the energy pattern broadens as the beam strikes the blackboard at lower and lower angles. Depending upon the location of the star in the sky, it might be approaching a wall or moving away from it.

Our orbital motion makes the sun move eastward among the stars. It should be easy to see that the angle from the southern horizon to the sun on the left is smaller than the angle from the southern horizon to the sun on the right. The imaginary line about which a body spins or rotates. This means that we must, on average, correct our calendars once every four years by adding an extra day. As the Earth rotates, it appears as if all of the stars are going around Polaris.