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Mushrooming of institutions and a steady decline of standards in most of them have not done much good to the image of the government and the architecture of regulation. It would also be a way of sharing knowledge and expertise in various options, and hopefully would increase agreement on future directions.

The new commission will cover all fields of education except medical and, presumably, agriculture, and institutions set up under the Central and State Acts, excluding those of national importance. This was also the period that marked a galloping growth of the sector with the setting up of many private universities.

It would also

Review tertiary education jointly with the states Perhaps the most important issue confronting tertiary education is the relation between higher education, and vocational education and training. Such multiplicity of roles may create difficulties and conflict of interest. This is currently seen in the apparent diversion of prospective vocational students to higher education. These are bold initiatives with major consequences, inducing institutions to abandon courses that have hardly any job prospects and starting ones that are market-friendly.

The chairperson will be of the rank of Secretary to the Government of India. Educational issues are tangential, if considered at all.

Mushrooming of institutions

Many of these were one or two lines, typically opposing fee increases. An analysis of the future of work and the future of higher education sponsored by government would be a way of focusing national attention on these issues and exploring them in depth.