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Includes links to supplementary documentation for such things as disciplinary mapping tables and more detailed information on index formulation. More Usage Guidelines Institution Lookup Access an individual institution's status within each of the six classification schemes. Adolescents can benefit from this synergistic system when they have opportunities to participate in diverse activities. There were some associations for male athletes with negative health behaviors.

Summary Tables Locate summary tables for each classification, detailing the distribution of institutions and enrollments, and average enrollment, by classification category and control. In so doing, it supports and enhances the university's role as a major research institution. Meet Mateo and experience his learning pathway, from birth to college. Equally importantly, it should help to generate new ideas on how to support the growth of effective practice in this vitally important field.

Summary Tables Locate summary

In addition to publishing works of scholarship, the Press produces books of more general interest for a wider readership. We create a worldwide exchange of ideas that furthers the understanding and implementation of anywhere, anytime learning for all. These health behaviors included dietary habits, weight loss, sexual activity, Interpersonal violence and suicidality, and substance abuse. The tech transfer team serves the entire campus, from new scientific inventions to the creative arts.

Activity participation is also linked to affiliation with peers who are academically focused. We are globally connected, with a diverse academic staff and student profile. Friendship ties were more likely to exist among activity coparticipants while controlling for other friendship processes. He is also President of the College of Teachers. Listings Standard Listings Generate a list of institutions organized by single classification category.

In so doing

Similar health results have been reported in other parts of the world as well. Resources Links to relevant external resources and references, as well as a place to indicate recommendations for additions to the resource section. Minority male athletes showed more associations with healthy behaviors than did minority female athletes. We publish in leading international journals, our research is widely cited by researchers in Australia and overseas and we collaborate with colleagues all over the world.