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He left the pavement a quarter mile or so below the cove and cut across the dunes that rose and fell for quite a distance before they lay down in front of the sea. There was a problem adding your email address. Leonard arrives in Provincetown, a popular summer resort, during the off season. The thirty-four-year-old protagonist of this novel, Leonard English, is a genius of spiritual failure. Skaggs remains dead, and English goes mad.

Beaten into admitting his theft, and swearing that he has thrown the passports into a sewer, English assumes that his abductors are part of the Truth Infantry. He is also an experiment, and in this way he is like the nineteenth century murderer John Skaggs. He was for a time a salesman of medical equipment, and though it was a good job, it depressed him. He wrecks his car and has to be driven into town in a taxi.

His boss, Ray Sands, a former police detective, runs both the radio station and a private-detective agency in town. He does, in fact, win her love, but not on his terms. Three women passed him on roller skates, wearing headphones and holding hands.

During this time, he meets Raymond Sands, a retired police detective, at a convention. English had guessed that the light collected somehow on the waters and made a brightness in the air, even under clouds - just in the air, a brightness not otherwise locatable. Since English is not a sensible person, the facts he discovers about Twinbrook along the way do not deter him. She becomes a critical, if absurd, objective in his quest for grace. He has come to work at two part-time jobs, one as a radio announcer and the other as a private investigator.

Far more spiritually corrupt and confused than any Percy character, however, Leonard English really seeks oblivion. Most likely because he is wrong about this, as he is about whatever he takes from common sense and feeds to imagination, he is freed. He goes to confession, which fails, though he is a Catholic, to absolve him of his despair.

Most likely because he is wrongFar more spiritually corrupt

Both are martyrs to the absurd. Having wrecked his car on the Cape in the middle of the night, he is directed by a friendly cabdriver to a dull room for rent. English meets another Catholic, Leanna Sousa, a lesbian. He is sent to spy on Marla Baker, a middle-aged lesbian whose husband wants to keep track of her. Lenny's Second Coming finds him a cross-dressing would-be assassin of a local bishop.

He is a martyr to nothing but that to which he determines to be a martyr. Rather because of his secret knowledge of Leanna than in spite of it, English tightens his relationship with her.