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He felt he had been forced into this action by necessity, asked for forgiveness and expressed the hope that his achievements would ultimately atone for any offence. He telegraphed news to backers. During the five-week voyage Amundsen prepared his telegrams and drafted the first report that he would give to the press. We see sailing as a challenging and educational activity. This lower weight would be crucial in saving energy during the trip.

They set up camp

This passage had been searched for over many centuries. Amundsen returned to Norway, needing to put his finances in order.

At one point he was attacked and nearly killed by a polar bear. He kept this a secret until the last minute. If the Norge expedition was the first to the North Pole, Amundsen and Oscar Wisting were the first men to have reached both geographical poles, by ground or by air. It became the first expedition to survive the winter on the Arctic. Amundsen established his base camp there, calling it Framheim.

In Amundsen lost his

In Amundsen lost his life in flying to rescue Nobile from a dirigible crash near Spitsbergen. They set up camp there and prepared for the trip to the South Pole. Fortunately, Amundsen's friend Don Pedro Christopherson was at hand to fulfil his earlier promises to provide supplies and fuel. It was finally seized by Amundsen's creditors as collateral for his mounting debt. Although the true cause of the disease, vitamin C deficiency, was not understood at the time, it was generally known that the disease could be countered by eating fresh meat.