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We will repeat this on kilocycles. We are transmitting constantly on kilocycles. This is the great story of man struggling against nature and surviving. Earhart, though, wanted the ship to take a bearing on her as she whistled into the microphone on kilocycles. Earhart's own gear may also have been working improperly.

Go ahead on either now or on the scheduled time on half hour. She didn't realize that wasn't practical, given the Itasca's radio equipment. We are transmitting constantly.

The Itasca's crew thought Earhart would take a navigational bearing on the ship with her radio equipment. The Navy blamed the problem on her brief transmissions, her reluctance to use Morse code and her failure to let the Itasca know earlier what type of radio equipment she would have. At her request, the Navy sent the Coast Guard cutter Itasca to the central Pacific island to act as a radio homing beacon for her.

Heard Earhart plane but unreadable through static. The Itasca's radio operators sent Earhart weather information regularly through the night. We are unable to hear you to take a bearing.

It is impractical to take a bearing on on your voice. Go ahead with position on or kilocycles. The ship continued transmitting weather reports and trying to call Earhart for days afterward. The bearing would tell her the course to fly to get to Howland. Been unable to reach you by radio.

The Itasca's radio operators sent

We hear her and are sending on and same time constantly and listening in for her frequently. The battery in the unit was almost dead by the time Earhart got close to Howland, making the equipment useless. Earhart wants bearing on kilocycles on hour, will whistle in mic.

Heard Earhart plane