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All too soon we rowed into comparatively smooth yet rapid water. We have boats coming and going every which way. We keep hoping for conditions to improve but visibility remains at yards.

All too soon we

Such precautions were the result of authorities having no way to ensure proper identification of bodies retrieved after their boats had capsized. We look forward to spending the next few days hiking, kayaking and chatting with our Krogen friends. We chose this anchorage because of a tip from another boater about good prawning. Today there is a combination of fog and smoke.

They have opened up a small pub just up the hill that serves draft beer, wine, and a few other drinks to visiting boaters. We are glad to have these three rapids behind us.

We have boats coming and

Wild waves rocked and rolled our boat and occasionally broke over us. Cynthia graciously opens up her garden to visitors to harvest vegetables and herbs for a small donation. Several of these rapids must be traversed at only slack. Several resort to following friends in the thick fog. Those who had survived with their lives lost most of their supplies and were trapped between the horrors of the Coast Mountain passes and the unknown world of the gold fields.

Emma Kelly a reporter for the Kansas City Star, was one of three female correspondents who had been sent to cover the gold rush. We befriend Tulip, the Shoal Bay mascot. It is a way to experience what northern Minnesota is truely like. Whirlpool and Green Point rapids are our first two rapids. Within a few miles, we are at Gillard and Yuculta also at slack.

Although we are used to traveling in the fog, we vow to never travel these busy fishing waters in these extreme conditions again. Soon the crowd found themselves at Dawson, where the Yukon and Klondike Rivers met. Anyone who is ambitious to shoot the rapids, except as steersman, is advised to forego inspection of them in advance, as the sight in most cases results in a decision to make the portage instead.

As we pass Shoal Bay, we spot one empty space on the Government dock. Several years ago a large seiner capsized in the Devils Hole at Dent rapids and all four crew members perished. Jeff finally walks her back up the hill to her owners. Whirlpool poses less danger than the other rapids so it can be traversed early.