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These plays vary in some respects. Jonson largely avoided the debates about rhyme and meter that had consumed Elizabethan classicists such as Thomas Campion and Gabriel Harvey. No gorgeous attire man or woman hast thou in this world, but the wedding garment of faith. The poet claims that by adopting spiritual values the tables are turned, and the soul will thereby feed on Death, whereas, before, Death was destroying it.

But Jonson's career eventually made him a focal point for the revived sociopolitical criticism. The walls of a town were often decorated with flags, bunting and other material hangings.

It seems Jonson was to have had a monument erected by subscription soon after his death but the English Civil War intervened. The English sonnet is not common. He was again in trouble for topical allusions in a play, now lost, in which he took part.

So shall thou feed on Death, that feeds on men, And Death once dead, there's no more dying then. Coleridge, for instance, claimed that The Alchemist had one of the three most perfect plots in literature. Belief in their efficacy was widespread. Thou owest the worm no silk, the beast no hide, the sheep no wool, the cat no perfume. The s saw something of a formalist revival, however, and several traditional sonnets have been written in the past decade.

It is fading because it

It is fading because it is growing old, as a building ages and goes gradually to rack and ruin. The latter meaning is somewhat awkward, but seems to be demanded by the context. Whatever fades, but fading pleasure brings. The form consists of fourteen lines structured as three quatrains and a couplet.

The latter meaning is somewhat