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He went to several hosiery manufacturers, collected samples, and brought all of them to the rebbe to inspect. The rebbe's aides had warned Humphrey against raising any political issues pertaining to Israel.

If the rebbe was obsessive, he could also be startlingly inconsistent. After a brief postwar sojourn in Jerusalem, he settled for good in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, later establishing Kiryas Joel, a Satmar town named for him, in New York's Orange County. The larger than life characters and general teenage awkwardness were funny. But that is not the whole story. One album is reviewed on the KlezmerShack, Desert Winds.

For no other post-Holocaust community has more faithfully and effectively preserved its old religious and cultural traditions and folkways, to say nothing of the Yiddish language. Shana Aisenberg and Beverly Woods, klezmer music duo. Some of the details are quite intimate.

If you grew up with your bubbe and zaidie squeezing your punum and fill in the blank with a Yiddish phrase you'll probably enjoy this more than me. Money in hand, Reb Lipa Brach began to work on the project. To this day every Satmar woman and girl wears Palm stockings. Teitelbaum was, indeed, the world's most outspoken, steadfast, and uncompromising rabbinical opponent of Zionism and the state of Israel.

Today the Satmar

In Alexander joined the band Klezmerfest, with Greg Wall cl. We Jews have a Torah which forbids us to have a state during the exile, and therefore we may not ask the Americans to support the state. There were certainly interesting elements to this coming of age story I had no concept of what Jewish life would be like in the Prairies in the mids. From the start, he would have absolutely no relations, political or financial, with the Jewish state, prayed daily for its demise, and instructed his adoring followers to do likewise. The interpretation of those facts is, of course, a different matter.

Rather, it is a worshipful hagiography that mainly comprises hundreds of revealing stories about the rebbe, hitherto available only in a handful of Satmar-published Hebrew and Yiddish texts. Curses, not blessings, were all that could be incurred by treading on ground contaminated by the evil Zionist army.

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But, still had trouble getting into it. Today, the Satmar movement's implacable stance toward the state of Israel is almost universally reviled by Jews, and the movement is shunned by many as an abomination. Maker of cimbaloms, sandouris, hammered dulcimers, salterios and hackbretts for musicans around the world. Alcock, Gillian, based in Australia. Although I'm Jewish, my knowledge of Yiddish is clearly too amateur to comprehend this story line.

More than any other rabbi of the postwar period, Teitelbaum clung to the Hungarian Orthodox principle of total separation from the non-Orthodox in communal affairs. When I receive a free book, I feel obligated to read the entire book. The chapter dealing with this episode is by far the most convoluted in Meisels's book. We often expand to trio or quartet, adding clarinet, acoustic bass, etc.