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The city became a small republic

This may have been the first contact between the French and the Japanese. Climate data for Saint-Tropez. The town owes its current name to the early, semi-legendary martyr Saint Torpes. He created the Barony of Grimaud and appealed to the Genoan Raphael de Garezzio, a wealthy gentleman who sent a fleet of caravels carrying sixty Genoese families to the area.

During the s, Saint-Tropez attracted famous figures from the world of fashion like Coco Chanel and Elsa Schiaparelli.

The first name

The first name given to the village which became Saint-Tropez was Heraclea-Caccaliera, and the mouth of its gulf was named the Issambres. The city became a small republic with its own fleet and army and administered by two consuls and twelve elected councillors. The body landed at the present-day location of the town. The lordship of Saint-Tropez became the prerogative of the De Suffren family.