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Bon Iver was only recently revealed to me and this song, appearing to be one of his bigger hits, if not the biggest, is incredible. Have you people ever heard of a Metaphor?

He has made so much effort to fix their relationship, she doesn't know if she's ever going to find anyone again that will fight that much for her. He loved her too much and knows he can't just fall out of love right on the spot.

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Fair shout, the man is clearly incredible. She couldn't meet with his expectations, either that or she treated him poorly, probably both. Nevertheless, this song is not the point, but your thorough dissection. She got in her car, and left crying as she drove home. But i also thought that it might be about a fathers daughter who is suffering from an eating disorder, maybe, and it could have been about their parents being woried about them.

My Interpretation A lot has been said about this song, but it's one of my favorites ever, so I figured I'd put down my thoughts. The Skinny Love refers to his own inability to love completely which is why it is skinny. Took the words right out of my mouth. Or at least explain them, so I can be at peace with them.

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He's not just sad, but he captures the essence of a failing relationship. Yet, I just find that the song has a somewhat hopeless tone. Once you know what the singer is feeling you don't have to try too hard to understand what's going on.

But as for the salt lyric, i see it as when people pour salt on the ground so that nothing grows there anymore or remember anything. Salt poured on land also prevents things from growing again. Both people that are living inside of his heart, the broken one and the one that is trying to hard to move on. Well then who the hell was I? And as you said, if it's not the original author then I think you lose some of those emotions of why it was originally written.


Bon Iver - Skinny Love

He's getting the tickets and she has to pay for them Come on skinny love what happened here He doesn't know where it all went wrong, because he just wanted to be happy and still hasn't found it. First, I believe skinny love to just mean a relationship where the love has faded and the relationship is weak. But Skinny Love isn't about the one who broke his heart. My Interpretation I believe this song is about a relationship where the singer is desperate for a relationship, any kind, even if it doesn't have love. He has his heart broken again, this time essentially by himself, websites to albums of music and is as full of sadness as he could be.

This is one of those songs where you don't think too much about it until you wind up with the same emotional pain that I'm sure was felt when this song was written. Yes it is all about the pain we get from relationships, but I feel like this is an experience based on his dad or to someone who is really close with him. The way you broke it down was fantastic. Yes, good song and artist.

Bon Iver - Skinny Love ringtone

Something you may find interesting though is why Vernon begs himself to be patient, fine, balanced, and kind. His heart has been broken, smashed into a million pieces. You said it beyond well, Beleafing. Beautiful, beautiful song.

Then in his despair, he addresses the original heartbreaker. They are both fighting to keep ahead. Is there anyone out there who will fight that hard for him? In other words, he'll be physically next to her, but not as a couple.

Especially one with a talented busy musician. He's pretty much at rock bottom. Distance, groupies, or even his own complicated personality.

It's not anything but manipulative and cruel. In other words, he left feeling shitty about what has happened, while she wont care as much and sees the break as getting her freedom back. Log in now to tell us what you think this song means. He's broken, and it's all her fault.

Asking himself to be patient, fine, balanced, and kind even though the hurt part usually wins out. Like you said, I think having gone through the experience yourself, you can relate to what the song is all about. Anyways, this song is very personal to me because I went through pretty much the same emotions as he did about a year ago. Wonderful interpretation, it just makes so much sense!

Log in now to add this track to your mixtape! She tells him to be patient and kind and maybe this will work.

He's trying to find something in new relationships now, but is unable to. He can't even transfer to another bus because there are no more buses that will take him any further. She has it in her heart to make it right, and will do nothing but keep trying. The version of this that Bon Iver sings on Jools is by far the best.