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Great for a rapper who can rap quick. Therefore and pursuant to the provisions of Articles L. Pick this one up while its still available!

It would work for Mike Posner but could also work for someone like Britney Spears. Great for a rapper like B. Definitely a laid back summer kind of beat. The drum patterns and some of the sounds are different, or odd, hence the name. Great for the radio and for a single.

Keri Hilson would kill this track. Secure payments with PayPal and instant beat delivery. Usually, beats are structured like a full-length song with verses, choruses etc. An uptempo aggressive club banger with hard hitting drums and cool synth sounds. Great for a female singer!

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An aggressive hip-hop beat perfect for an angry rapper to get on. You can use this to download your beats at any time from the website. This is an alternative pop track with plucking guitars and hard drums. Definitely a very unique sound with this one.

This beat is perfect for the summer. Cool swingy hip-hop instrumental with catchy elements and nice instrumentation. This is an out of the box percussion driven club beat great for rap artists to get on. An epic and orchestral beat not for the faint of heart. This is a piano driven light hearted uptempo hip-hop pop beat that would be perfect for a rapper and singer to get on together!

This beat is perfect for the clubs. The right lyrics will really make this one shine. This is an out-of-the-box club hop-hop beat that has some pretty cool percussive and synthesized elements for it. Please enable Strictly Necessary Cookies first so that we can save your preferences!

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Get new beat notifications. Uptempo smash hit perfect for someone like Britney Spears. Perfect for someone like Mike Posner. We are using cookies to give you the best experience on our website. The high pitched woodblock sound with hard hitting drums is a perfect combination.

It is definitely one of my favorites. This is an uptempo high energy pop beat with live sounding guitars and drums. Can work well for either a rapper or singer. Who do you hear on this beat?

Vocalists and rappers both could kill this beat. Check out this energetic and uptempo party beat perfect for an entertainer like Pitbull. Download links for orders paid by echeck maybe subject to delay until funds have cleared.

You can find out more about which cookies we are using or switch them off in settings. An aggressive hard-hitting clubby hip-hop beat perfect for a rapper like Jay-Z or Kendrick Lamar. Bouncy hip hop instrumental great for many rappers. Uptempo pop instrumental that is great for a pop artist to write a fun song over. Uptempo fun rap beat that could crossover to a pop beat as well.

Pick this instrumental up as soon as possible. Get on this instrumental right away. An aggressive hip-hop track perfect for a lyrical rapper! Make a single, easy to understand payment.

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Definitely has a Britney Spears or Lady Gaga feel to it. Real nice instrumentation right here! This is a hard hitting drum heavy hip-hop beat perfect for a rapper similar to Kendrick Lamar.

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This is an emotional and melodic uptempo hip-hop beat with a very catchy hook. Epic hip-hop banger that has a very smooth and mature feel to it! Here is a high energy club banging hip-hop beat. Here is an energetic pop smash that has many moving parts and switch-ups.

Jason Derulo or Jay Sean would kill this one. This is a very emotional ballad pop beat perfect for a power vocalist. Singers need to get on this one. Here is an uptempo light-hearted dance beat perfect for someone who is ready to get on the radio with an incredible hit song.

When you've completed your payment, you'll be returned to the smoothbeats website to confirm your order and download your beats. This is a lighthearted piano driven hip-hop beat perfect for a rapper or singer. Really nice feel to this one. An uptempo feel good versatile dance beat great for a wide variety of artists.

Keri Hilson would work perfectly. This is a hard dirty south beat perfect for a confident rapper who is interested in the finer things in life. Drake would be great on this track. This is a cool uptempo hip-hop club banger that is very drum focused.

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