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Second, individuals are asked to offer their dreams to the group and listen to the dreams of others as if they were their own dreams. It pulled a cloth over the television screen, where we'd been watching god knows why, it's awful Ghost Whisperer.

Social Dreaming builds on thisThey were shared in groups told

During Social Dreaming, the mind is freed from ordinary discourse and analytics to enable our joining to make sense. Dreams by their nature both enrich self-experience and stretch the boundaries of the self.

Social Dreaming builds on this legacy to bring new thinking and meaning to the communities in which we live and work. They were shared in groups, told to shamans, and used to guide important decisions as well as critical to healing.

They are asked to listen intuitively to the figures as they are positioned in relation to the others. In this process individuals sit on the floor in a circle. From their discovery, dreams have been recognized and affirmed as telling about the person and the groups, communities and systems in which one lives.