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Itinerary Changes Spirit of

To ensure safety and harmony for all on board we require the following standard of behaviour to be observed. The airship also has a hangar to carry small biplanes. This may cause rot, rust or otherwise prevent the raft from operating properly.

This includes Spirit of New Zealand, the crew and fellow participants. Watch your head as ceilings are at different heights and be aware of all doors as some open from the inside without warning. Red night lights are left on at all times for night vision.

It's unknown that how Muntz sustained this relic for so long. Sitting on the life rafts, stowed on deck, is forbidden - it can damage the white fibre glass casing and seals and let rainwater into the raft. Below is our programme schedule, including dates and ports.

Moving around the ship

Moving around the ship can be a hazard you are not used to it - move purposefully and carefully on the stairs and do not swing on the doors and overhead ledges. Itinerary Changes Spirit of Adventure Trust has the right to cancel, advance, postpone or substitute any scheduled sailing at any time - hence our recommendation to take out travel insurance. The Trust attempts to minimise these risks by being a responsible and professional organisation with high standards of safety and discipline.

Voyage Safety Participation will involve physical effort and exposure to greater than usual risk. If Voyage or weather conditions cause the Voyage to be cancelled or varied during the sailing a refund will not apply.