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You had to be invited

You had to be invited, chastened, chosen, cleansed. Sorrow seeks to render us mute.

Baal is that which we believe secures our future. Location I believe every heartache and hardship, and the profound loneliness such things bring, has a back door.

And each season has its own rhythm. Getting anywhere depends on it.

Sorrow seeks to render us mute

With the lyrical writing for which he is known, Mark invites us to respond to every season of the heart, whether we are flourishing and fruitful, stark and dismal, or cool and windy. But this can go either way. The renewal comes out of dryness and wilderness. In short, by how much we do.

Location Often our pursuits are trivial. There are times when life is bleak and cold. There are times when there are new beginnings.

In comparing spiritual rhythms to the seasons of the year, he shows us what to expect from each season and how embracing the seasons causes our spiritual lives to prosper. Buchanan relates this personally, as he began this book in response to the death of a close friend. Thank God for all the good that still abounds regardless of it. But I seek rhythm when I paddle the kayak. It is a Roman candle that fizzles in its canister.

Even then, your chances of surviving the encounter were slim. There are only seasons, seasons for everything, and seasons are inherently unbalanced. Location If you are in winter, there may be, hidden in its bleakness, a rare opportunity.

Location Winter grows pure faith. His books are right there alongside all of the other popular authors, but his writing stands head and shoulders above them all. Buchanan believes that just as nature cycles through four seasons, so does your soul.