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Try to chat then eventually get their phone numbers. If you are good with flirting with ladies you will be able to get their e-mail address or chat with them. So my recommendation is to first your day game of chatting up women you meet. First win their heart by knowing something about their art and culture. Women take time to trust you.

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This is a famous painting from this south Asian island. Start with Colombo girls, it is the largest city, the villages are good if you are going for a very traditional girl. To obtain a mobile number of a princess from the land of Tambapanni you need to be a bit clever. From all of these ideas I would start with Elakri to try to make a connection.

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This sweet gal would get all kind of freaks sms-ing her. It would have broken the rhythm of the conversation. To get a mobile phone card to call the girls locally try mobitel. That is like staring into the sun, it is too direct and girls get turned off.

Cell numbers phones in Sri Lanka to contact girls Now that you know I am recommending the indirect approach. In Colombo there are Russian girls there if you are interested.

In the end, it is a good thing that numbers are not easy to find, and you have to get them the old fashion way. If your good with numbers, the eye of your affection tells you it, just tattoo it into your memory could be with a henna tattoo if you are not sure she is your destiny. Use this forum to establish a normal rapport.

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Some people say the Maldives are the best place to meet girls, it has an open culture to foreigners. Memorizing her number is better than typing it into your contact list. This includes e-mails, chats and forums for finding a pen pal. You will get their telephone numbers if you try and are patient and romance them.

This is especially true for a traditional country like Sri Lanka. Love phrases in Sinhala Everyone is dating and texting.

So if you can obtain get her number in person it is optimal. However, maybe this is a good thing that numbers are not easy to obtain and you have to get them the old fashion way. After a month or so if you are flirting and chatting, move your rapport to the next level.

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Elakri forum is the best social community for Sri Lankan females. Call code and other background information for Sri Lanka I have traveled a lot of the world. Sri Lankan girls phone numbers are a bit harder, job dating beaumont but not impossible. Do you want to get a Sri Lankan girls cellular number?

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