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Stag Doo by Al Lester download in iPad, ePub, pdf

Each story is told with great relish, and often, I suspect, with liberal helpings of embellishment. The stag party circuit has expanded and you've got more cities, beaches, bars, and of course - beautiful women - than ever before. Lithuania, Slovakia and Hungry are the hosts for wild without going break.

We've got unforgettable

For every story recounted, the often embarrassed subject gets a right of reply, and in turn dobs in his cobber with an equally or more embarrassing yarn, and so it goes. The secret is to stick to European Destinations with rock-bottom beer prices and plenty of shoestring accommodation options. Our events and packages refresh the parts other pre-nuptial parties can't even think to reach. The stag party is bigger and better than ever.

We also offer two, three and four day extravaganzas, we've got your final weekend of freedom in the bag. Whether you want to keep things mellow or fancy a massive bun fight, we can sort you out with a bash that will tick all your boxes. It never ceases to amaze me how readily my hunting colleagues and others dob in their mates to disclose their mishaps, balls-ups, cunning plans and frequent disasters.

We've got unforgettable budget stag nights that include everything from bar crawls and strip clubs to water sports. Let us step in and bring years of experience and expertise to make your best mate's stag do go off with a bang. Activities are our Specialty We're always checking out new pursuits in locations all over the world. And it's not the only place to go if you're looking to celebrate on the cheap. His books are for those with a good keen sense of humour and a love for New Zealand's wild outdoors.

Let us step in and bring

View Post party names around world For every man in the world getting married is one of the biggest things in his life. You could be rocking Amsterdam to its foundations, on desert safari in Marrakech, or having a knockabout in Barcelona. Waving goodbye to the single life is an event worth pulling out all the stops for. Share this Stag Doo by Al Lester, the master of the hunting genre, is full of rip-roaring yarns for those with a good keen sense of humour and a love for New Zealand's wild outdoors.

As the evenings pass and the tide-line in the whisky bottle drops, the yarns get increasingly more hilarious. The tears not caused by the smoke, though, but by laughing so hard at the oddball, strange, hilarious or simply outright bizarre yarns told by my hunting mates. This book contains a number of yarns gleaned from these fireside sessions, and a few from other interesting characters I have had the good fortune to encounter. Speak with your stag party planner about planning a budget-stretching stag do today.

Get ready for the ultimate stag weekend.

The possibilities are endless. Whether you want a ready-made stag party package or fancy creating your own but need a few ideas, we're happy to help.