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During Dalinar's visions he sees the Knights Radiant wearing Shardplate and wielding Shardblades, but he notes that the plate when worn by the Radiants glow. Soulcasting is done by means of a device called a soulcaster that is powered by gems imbued with Stormlight. It has proven able to turn rock into smoke, purify the blood from poisons, and create food, and it has many other applications as well.

Kaladin and Syl express a revulsion to the Shardblades wielded by the Alethi. Only a handful of Surgebinding's branches are known by name, and only two, Windrunning and Soulcasting, are understood in any measure. Additionally, the number of Blades and Plate worn by the Radiants is much greater than the number left in the world at the main timeline of The Way of Kings.

The type of gem placed inside the soulcaster determines what the caster can transform. This includes things such as grammar or spelling mistakes. There are also ten Honorblades that each grant the powers of one order of Radiants. Each Order possessed different abilities.

Kaladin was able to save his bridge crew by using a Reverse Lashing on Parshendi arrows directed at Bridge Four. Both have ten levels within. They are the heart of change, and therefore the heart of all things.

They use spren to morph into many different forms, each with a unique function and set of abilities. He is a Windrunner and his power comes from his bond with his spren, Syl. Within these classes, there are further class distinctions known as nahn for darkeyes and dahn for lighteyes. The priesthood of the Vorin religion are referred to as ardents.

This will be one of the giant series that will help shape the entire scene. They possess reddish hair and dark skin, and stand well over seven feet tall.

Among the many forms of spren, some are intelligent, possess self-awareness, and have even built their own cities. Life before death, strength before weakness, journey before destination.

For example, when they are observed they remain stable in the recorded state, but when tested more thoroughly, they change as though at random. In Alethkar, a man's highest calling is as a warrior in life to remain a warrior in the afterlife. Bonded to Liespren Cryptic.

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