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Her pale breasts, jiggling like two fat jellyfish, were almost as red as her gasping face. Her eyes opened very wide in alarm and wild enthusiasm. The bed was not made, and was situated behind the wobbly wardrobe, out of view. She was far more reluctant and reserved about removing her clothes, but after a hundred or so kisses and caresses around her curves, she let me undress her. She wrapped her legs which had been flopping ungracefully about around my waist.

Her skin was milky white

Saliva began to dangle unpleasantly from her bottom lip, and I took my wet, burning cock out of her mouth and tongue-kissed her. She began to heave herself, eventually coinciding, somewhat, with my relentless, machine-like propelling. She couldn't take her eyes off my cock, but stared at it fixedly, in wonder and delight. The rain was falling heavy outside, beating against the flimsy window panes.

Stacked around it were piles of old fashion magazines and cookbooks. Her hands wandered over my tingling back, and settled on my backside, where she clutched the cheeks in ecstasies of enjoyment.

My prick was bolt upright, in a furious, raging heat. After a minute or so, I pulled her head forward she was on her knees and shoved it, without warning, into her mouth. But even now, while I'm at my desk, reading, eating, or listening to the rain, I think of her.

Her teeth were almost perfect, her ears delightfully shaped, and her neck elegant and delicately smooth. The furious knocking continued. She again felt and fondled my cock, and I encircled her hand around it and showed her how a man wanks.

Her skin was milky white, much paler than mine. This shocked her at first, as it would any amateur, but I stopped her from trying to free her mouth of it by holding her head in my two hands.

This shocked her