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Sugar Island Slavery in the Age of Enlightenment by Arthur L. Stinchcombe download in iPad, ePub, pdf

Stinchcombe is probably thinking of the revolt which almost captured the island. Not only does one wonder whether the manuscript had a copy editor but whether it underwent outside review, and if so, who are the geniuses who passed favorable judgment.

It was extended to those of darker phenotype and frequently used by people of color as a surname. Indeed, it was often a route to a social control more efficient than slavery, providing greater flexibility for the planter class and posing less risk of violent rebellion. If anyone offers you this book, do not take it. Nor does it contain any new general theory. Of course all societies are pervaded by restrictions embedded in social relations that deprive people of the effective right to decide some things.

Gale Group is a Thomson Corporation Company. The introduction states p. Instead, it means that a pervasive purpose in many kinds of social relations between more and less powerful people is to keep the others slaves from deciding or being able to decide. The central argument is a familiar one, that plantations especially sugar plantations created a slave society, which created racism in politics and daily life see, e.

Indeed it was often a

It has been used as a theme to unify extended treatments of history, rather than as a theory to explain the variations among islands and between historical periods. Thus, the autonomous governments of colonies often produced more oppressive conditions for slaves than did so-called arbitrary governments, which had the power to restrict the whims of the planters.

He also gets wrong the meaning of creole in other places. But even granting Stinchcombe's definition, the generalization proves at best misleading. Too often Stinchcombe's arguments bend into circularity. Even after emancipation, freedom was not a clear-cut matter of achieving the ideals of the Enlightenment.

It was extended to those