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Zamora will do a workshop. Your read the sentences, your lifelines, amazed.

Life is more vibrant and it is more necessary to get it out and write it down. He would lose track of where we were when we were in the car. Never mind the wooden lamp post, rotten, fallen on its face like a corpse in the wet grass, which needs to be cut. Eight hundred people came. The McQuilkins are looking forward to their move to Seabury, a retirement community in Bloomfield.

Many caregivers die before the person they are taking care of, because of their age, their stress level. At Yaddo, she met fellow poet David McKain. McQuilkin gradually moved away from teaching and went to work at Hill-Stead. He and Sarah have one son and two daughters. Some of her poems reference Sufi poet Rumi.

Brown will hold a workshopThe first festival featured a reading

The first festival featured a reading by Hugh Ogden. Brown will hold a workshop.

Her interest in Zen Buddhism led her to comforting interpretations of the self. Rennie McQuilkin is stepping down as Connecticut's poet laureate.