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All in all not a bad

She was sitting in fifth right now. Soon, all that remained was her, Volt and an Vamphirine named Moonlight Sonata. How grandpa found in a war, about heroes and princesses. Once they had their food, the pair sat down at one of the tables to eat. But instead of forehooves, she had human-like hands.

Her railgun utterly decimating the beast as it crumbled away. Her wings fluttered with excitement and her hooves danced on the wooden floor.

And there were still a half dozen to go. All in all, not a bad show. The crowd erupted at the upset victory.

And there were still

This was starting to get mildly annoying. The trees around the clearing acted as a nice wind break, but there was still a subtle breeze that could throw out a perfect shot. The train had passed by large fruit tree orchards on the way in to, which gave the whole town a subtle, yet fruity smell.

She was singing to herself, her Cutie Mark glowing, motes of blue light falling from them like snow. Lightning Dust lived in a cloud home, so that was no good. At least two dozen contestants were there. She thought of Fiddlesticks, but the mare was too excitable. Rising out of the ground was a huge crystal-stone golem.

Plus the trip alone would make a great story to tell later. Volt leaned forwards, sitting cross legged. And soon enough, I was winning awards and trophies.

Like she was happy when a batch of cookies came out just right. And now she had her confidence and bow, Pizzelle was scoring much better. It was subtle but the ground trembled.