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Intermittent irrigation with a mL syringe attached to the inflow portal of the arthroscope followed by suction with the full radius resector can help clear the field. Thus, arthroscopic surgery for rhizarthrosis appeared at the end of the s Menon J, Arthroscopy, and still constitutes a notable step forward for hand surgery. This arthroscopic hand surgery makes it possible to shorten convalescence but it also reduces adhesion and secondary stiffness. The volar radial portal also facilitates arthroscopic reduction of intraarticular fractures of the distal radius fractures by providing a clear view of the dorsal rim fragments.

Many procedures can be done without fluid, which minimizes the amount of swelling and fluid extravasation. Cadaver dissection of the dorsal aspect of a left wrist demonstrating the relative positions of the dorsoradial portals.

Intermittent irrigation with a mLThus arthroscopic surgery

Preparation and Techniques David J. Techniques in Hand and Wrist Arthroscopy.

After arthroscopic hand surgery, recovery is simpler and rehabilitation can start sooner for a quicker hand and wrist functional recovery. There are two volar portals that can be used to access the radiocarpal joint. Midcarpal arthroscopy through the dorsal midcarpal portals is essential in making the diagnoses of scapholunate and lunotriquetral instability. The and portals are the main viewing portals for the radial aspect of the radiocarpal joint and for instrumentation. Indications The indications for the use of the standard dorsal portals are intertwined with the indications for wrist arthroscopy and depend largely on the condition that is being treated.

The dorsal portals that allow access to the radiocarpal joint are so named in relation to the tendons of the dorsal extensor compartments. Relative positions of the dorsoulnar portals. Arthroscopic wrist surgery was born in the s. The number of conditions amenable to arthroscopic treatment continues to grow. The volar ulnar portal is located underneath the ulnar border of the flexor tendons at the level of the proximal wrist crease.