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Finally a big thank

For hummingbirds, the key to survival was the sugar-water feeder. Of course, we do not know the answers. We never dreamed we would be afforded the opportunity to catch and band that many Lucifer Hummingbirds, a borderlands species that is not well known. Over half a million acres burned in the region during this period.

You would think that desert-adapted species would be mostly immune to the conditions we were experiencing. This same fate befell almost all other species of birds as well. Actually, the year started that way but ended with a very productive and exciting fall.

Although we have been banding hummingbirds here for five years now, this is the third year of comprehensive, systematic trapping and banding. We were notified this day of the following. We look forward to and what the year has to offer. White-eared Hummingbirds were a total no-show, save a lone male that was observed and photographed by our neighbor, Barbara House, in early August.

At one point during the peak of spring migration I watched a Dusky Flycatcher move through the forest understory at our cabin in the mountains. The Trans-Pecos Region of Texas is situated in the northern portion of the vast Chihuahuan Desert and as such is subject to extremes at times. Over the next month or so we will be updating the species accounts section, mostly with additional new pictures. An updated guide to west Texas hummingbirds has been provided via the link above. Unfortunately, such was the fate of thousands of migrant birds this year in the mountains and lower desert alike.

It ignored a nice water source we had there, one that had a few flies and other insects hovering around it. See the article by Carolyn Ohl-Johnson under special links section to your left to fix just about every problem. Best I could get under the circumstances. Then they invaded the mountains.

Finally, a big thank you goes out to all who have helped by supporting this project during the past year. However, in just about every aspect of our desert environment became extreme. Other than the pic below my favorite hummingbird picture is the female Lucifer Hummingbird standing on the edge of its nest. On closer examination in hand a number of features were not quite right.

However in just about every