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The 7-Day Allergy Makeover by Susanne Bennett download in iPad, ePub, pdf

If you follow her advice, diet and recommendations you will feel so much clearer, healthier and vibrant. She is a master at facilitating healing for difficult chronic allergies. Not to mention if you do have Celiac and not just gluten intolerance chances are the rest of your family could have it. Bennett incorporates natural and lifestyle medicine, subtle immune system modulation and pays close attention to toxic emotional and mental disturbances that can manifest as physical symptoms.

She is a master at

No other form of compensation was exchanged. The sneezing the itchy eyes. Susanne Bennett for eight years. Nutrition is a major part in your health so if you are not eating healthy your body will not be healthy. We all know the drill, break out the antihistamines.

If you follow her

Susanne Bennett has done a phenomenal job making this complex topic simple and laying out the easy steps that will reverse years of symptoms. At her Santa Monica Wellness For Life Center, she combines Eastern, Western, and bio-energetic modalities to treat a wide range of patients and illnesses. There are things that I never thought about being the cause of my itchy skin or sinus issues.

Those who have been on here with me for awhile know how against to removing gluten just for fun or for weight loss I am. Bennett shows you obvious and not-so-obvious allergen sources and provides concrete steps to eliminate those allergies. She talks about lactose intolerance, gluten intolerance, egg allergies ect. Susanne Bennett is one of the handful of health professionals I personally turn to when I want advice for myself or my family.

Over all I found this book very helpful. In here you will learn about going beyond treating the symptoms to alleviating them altogether in a natural way. You do this at the beginning and at the end of the journey.

Susanne Bennett for over seven years. This post does contain an affiliate link to Amazon where I receive a commission for purchases. At the beginning of the book it has a symptom check list where you mark off your symptoms and grade them as to how they are for you. You all know I am a major supporter for Celiac Awareness and if we have people self diagnosing and just removing gluten we can not progress in the studies and statistics of it.