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He is willing to back down at times, to adjust course. In his view, the past months have included a steady string of successes, broken only by occasional missteps, which are invariably overplayed and misinterpreted. After a rough start, an Obamacare replacement passed the House.

He even runs through the many

The president did not respond. Of course, as his public outbursts indicate, he does not always succeed, but he says he no longer feels a need to know everything said about him. Vice President Mike Pence has also been invited to the funeral. He extended prayers and condolences to the victims of the Jacksonville, Florida shooting as well. Trump also leaves unmentioned that he had a meeting that day with his new Deputy Attorney General about firing Comey, the director of that investigation.

Nearly a dozen senior

He even runs through the many ways he has revised the rules of engagement in the war on the Islamic State. Nearly a dozen senior aides stand in the Oval Office, crowding behind couches or near door-length windows. An elevator operator is waiting for him off the ground-floor hallway.

Among the many frustrations, none seems to burn quite as much as the disrespect he feels he has received from the press, which has steadily failed to reflect his version of reality. The White House flag could then be seen for some time flying at full-staff while the banners surrounding the Washington Monument were at half-staff. The space is far larger than it looks from outside, with a long great hall, appointed with freshly cut yellow flowers.

Instead of the pie, he gets a fruit plate. As a result, the reliance on foreign contractors to support U. The President often gives tours of the mansion to dinner guests This is the part of the job that he has clearly come to enjoy, playing businessman for the American people.

All of these rules have survived his time in office, if in slightly more modest forms. That means he reacts, often in the moment, to the information and people around him. Back in the Oval Office, he checks in with his waiting staff. Now if only everyone else would see it that way.