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Amphibians have moist and permeable skin. In contrast to the amphibian, the reptile hatches from its egg as a small version of the adult. Holistic thinking demands that we immerse ourselves in details and then move from detail to detail, but with an eye toward the whole organism that expresses itself in every part. Through teaching examples of scientific discovery, the students also learn to see science as a product of human activity. He began by making a precise map of the outbreak.

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The air was filled with the horrible stench from open sewage pits and outhouses. To my mind, one of the most important tasks of Waldorf education is to reach this level of understanding in the eleventh and twelfth grades. All of these features are, moreover, in continual interaction and dependent upon each other.

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Lechevalier, Hubert and Morris Solotorovsky. Thinking learns to be disciplined and a core element in this discipline is learning that we need to observe very carefully and be faithful to these observations. He observed many cases in which only some members of a family became ill, and doctors and other caregivers, who regularly came into bodily contact with ill people, usually did not become ill. He was so convinced of his opinion-which was based on years of work and experience-that he decided to do an experiment on himself. Often students who are very quick intellectually are also satisfied with answers that don't hold up under further scrutiny.

This is not the same thing as the ability to make quick and cutting judgments, a capacity that comes as a kind of adolescent birthright. This experience is the entryway into complex and, then, holistic thinking. But the riddle approach along with fieldwork, which I won't go into here saved the day.

Starting from this Socratic base, we can begin to build more knowledge. The female lays its eggs that are immediately fertilized-the water once again acting as a medium-by the male's sperm. Slowly the mussels inhabited the twelve-foot band of the columns and ate away limestone, making caves for themselves. Coleridge distinguished between fancy, which involves arbitrary picture making, and true imagination, which engages the world. Remains of many other columns were found and the ruins were given the name Serapis Temple.