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The Big Book of Buds by Ed Rosenthal download in iPad, ePub, pdf

Gather materials from around your house for the other elements of the choo-choo train. Use as much strong tape as you can to secure the two boxes together.

With all new strains, stunning full colour photography and quick reference icons denoting type, effect and potency, it's an all-singing all-dancing guide to travelling without moving too much.

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Let the box dry and apply gold Duck Tape to decorate the train. Each variety is described with quick reference icons for immediate overview and sorting. Interspersed throughout the book are short, engaging essays that offer insights into botanical and cultural aspects of this controversial yet immensely popular plant.

Also offers an inside look at the cultivation methods that have made these varieties legendary. This is a must have for all bud enthusiasts whether it be for a wish list, resource guide, or a coffee table book.

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To adhere the wheels to the box, I used e glue affiliate link I already had at the house. Readers get an all-in-one guide offering a unique blend of useful, entertaining and practical information for the marijuana appreciator. Big Book of Buds brings together a tremendous amount of information on the plant and the newest varieties, with specific descriptions on appearance, ripening time and growing. No other book brings together as much information for choosing or identifying specific marijuana strains. The result is a connoisseur's guide to the best marijuana.

This is more secure than taping. To get started, I chose a deeper box for the base and a shallow box of the same width for the front.