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He first appears in the season one finale, where he patches things up with his sister and also re-unites with his father in season two. He later loses all his wealth due to the scheming of serial killer Christopher Pelant, but he eventually regains a considerable portion of it. He sometimes spends time at mental health facilities for treatment and therefore is the intern least often shown working in the lab. Her birth name was Joy Keenan, which her parents changed after they turned away from a life of crime.

Russ has a troubled

Hopefully, Bones manages to keep his composure long enough to put the magically bisected volunteer back together. He is the most serious and professional of the Jeffersonian interns, as well as the most organized.

Saroyan had a romantic relationship with Booth prior to her joining the Jeffersonian and a brief relationship during the show. After he and Temperance were abandoned by their parents, he also abandoned his sister, which led to long-held animosity from her. She later breaks up with him after moving away to college, realizing that the distance and new developments in their lives have caused them to drift apart.

Booth arrests Max on murder charges in season two, and he is tried in season three. In final episode, she learned that Aubrey and Jessica broke up. Brennan's top scholarship intern. Sweets also happens to help Daisy and the others in the lab get along with each other. Over-eager and somewhat manipulative, she is often annoying to other workers at the Jeffersonian.

His last appearance is in season three, although he is mentioned in later seasons. Russ has a troubled past and has spent some time in prison. Arastoo starts out by having a fake Iranian accent, so he does not have to constantly explain his Islamic beliefs, but later drops it. Aubrey gets along with everyone and his love of food is often joked about.

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He has multiple doctorates in various subjects and is the only intern who is a doctor. In seasons four and five, his appearances are troublesome to his older brother, especially when he announces his engagement to a former escort, whom he later divorces. She was a coroner in New York City. She bought him some fried chicken and they went off to eat comfort food and commiserate. She believes in trusting her gut.

He struggles to get along with all of the lab members due to his arrogance. She is open, friendly, and caring, and repeatedly tries to draw Brennan out of the lab. She asked Agent Aubrey out, but he was seeing Jessica Warren at the time.