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Sequins, fringe, and netting are all fair game now. If lesson fees become one month delinquent, the student or students involved may be dropped from enrollment in the company. After the routine is completed, the second routine may be introduced. On occasion this cooperation between the studio and home may become difficult. As a member you need to practice daily.

The sound then combines with the rhythm of the music which was usually bluegrass. Dorothy owns Sundance Studio and Productions Company.

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Those that are going to be considered on a competition team have to be willing to work their schedule around practices, if we are going to be good enough to compete with these highly skilled teams. In addition, she has earned numerous awards and titles. Shoes, hair scrunchie, costume, warm-up, bag, etc.

Occasional closed rehearsals no parents allowed and extra rehearsals are always a must. Gary and Susan Snyder attend both the team and the beginner classes. She says the largest crowd the group has performed for so far was at a festival in Hiawassee.

Scottish, Irish, English, and Dutch-German settlers found common ground through dance. We travel and perform at least once a month during the dance year, and you are expected to attend the performances. Her father, Hubert Dillon, was a member of Ralph Sloan and the Tennessee Travelers, a dance group that toured and performed for many years on the Grand Ole Opry, she said. Read this and think first.