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The Dirt-Cheap Green Thumb by Rhonda Massingham Hart download in iPad, ePub, pdf

This book is an idea book.

Because the book

If someone was very new to gardening and wanted to start on a budget, this would be a reasonable place to start. There was not a lot of new material in here for me, but I was probably a tightwad punk diy kind of gardener before conception. This book had a variety of advice, kept short and sweet.

It is still good to have all the ideas for pinching pennies in one place. There is a lot about gardening I had no idea about. But I did pick it up, and surprisingly, I really liked it.

It kind of intimidates

It kind of intimidates me, but then I read books like this and I'm glad there are a lot of smart, published gardeners out there. Because the book is broken down into quick-to-read chunks, it's unique and useful. Garden well and you'll spend less.