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Elections are by secret ballot. Inside the booth is a tray of slips, one for each party.

God is married to Israel and their unfaithfulness to Him is as adultery the theme of Hosea for the Lord God is to be known in the earth through Israel. God did not choose Israel because they were worthy of being chosen.

In fact, God chose a people who were slaves in Egypt, redeemed them and established a special relationship with them. The Bible clearly says that it was not that Israel was a greater nation among the nations of the world.

The vote was boycotted by the opposition. In his desire to reveal himself to humanity, God chose to do so through a special people. Genesis anticipates this special bond between God and Israel with the divine promises made to the patriarchs. God undertook to dwell among them and to give them the land promised to their ancestors, providing that they carried out their part of the agreement. The voter chooses the relevant slip for their party, puts it in the envelope, seals it, and then places the envelope into the ballot box.

The Bible clearlyIn fact God chose

All votes cast are equal in weight. This differed from the covenant entered into with Abraham Gen. Forming a Government The government cabinet of ministers is the executive authority of the state, charged with administering internal and foreign affairs, including security matters.

The function of the covenant, then, was to define the people's exclusive relationship to God and to institutionalize the paramount nature of God's rule. The belief that Israel was the special people of God is affirmed throughout the Old Testament.