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Love doesn't seem to be the point. It's the nearest thing to magic I have yet found.

The point is the selfishnessThat all you have to

That all you have to do is sleep with somebody and get caught and you never have to see your in-laws again. The point is the selfishness of the new Ireland and the new Irish within it. Because of her consuming affair, Gina has not paid attention to her mother's illness, and the death catches her by surprise. You fall for the right person at the wrong time.

And that is as much as any of us can know. The cost of adultery is not in shame or guilt, as it might once have been in Ireland, but in house-sales. The Forgotten Waltz is not without its moments of beauty and grace. This is Ireland in the late s, and Enright's people in this novel are consumers and communicators, businesswomen, property owners, Dublin suburbanites.

Enright is so skilled, she knows how and when to thread in humanity, sometimes with self-deprecating humor, sometimes with visceral emotion. She isn't afraid to depart from cause and effect to acknowledge the universal truth that shit just happens. The price of this house plus the price of that house, divided by two. By the end, it's all turned to custard.

The Forgotten Waltz, as its romantic title suggests, has more of a soft centre than she usually allows herself. She is outrageously, maddeningly human. The other fine thing is the difficult, insistent presence of Evie, the lover's daughter. Readers and publishers alike will take an author to task for characters whose behavior leaves our wells of empathy dry.