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You speak fondly of the camaraderie of that training period, especially your friendship with Bernie Coppersmith. It was pitch dark when I got up to go to my sentry post. The only sounds were the startling bird-calls, the rustling of the trees and underbrush when a sudden breeze blew up, and the echoing howl of a lonely jackal from deep in the menacing jungle. Tom waited outside on the front steps of our apartment to tell John the news when his trolley passed.

You may want to read The Book of Beloved first to start this series from the beginning. At morning chow I saw Tunney and asked him if he knew what had happened in the middle of our watch, but he said it had been too dark to see anything. But fate intervened and we moved back to Istanbul, where Toots now rests in the dappled shade of the old Christian cemetery, waiting for me.

The author brings true history into her stories making them very believable. Without speaking, the Kachin led us out into the moonless night to relieve those who were going off their watch. You write of being on watch one night and hearing the death yell of an adolescent Japanese soldier who had been caught and had his throat slit.

The Japanese were the enemy and we were conditioned to hate them, and so far as we were concerned it was either kill or be killed. Pictures were painted in my mind of both the human characters and the spirits.

My watch was from midnight to four in the morning, and I was awakened by the captain of the watch. She has dead people in her dreams too, sometimes they give her more questions than answers but they almost always move her investigation forward. We had a delightful one hour, tripartite telephone conversation. And so we went on the dole, which in those days was known as Relief and is now called Welfare. Together they make a fine detective team.

What makes the story so interesting is that Raissa has a gift. Bernard was a couple of years older than me and had finished his freshman year at Newark College of Engineering before he enlisted in the Navy. Freely paints an unforgettable portrait of a richly lived Irish American life.

The author brings true historyWithout speaking the