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Particularly in assessing financial performance, a manager needs to view the figures as a whole as well as in detail. Rather it is an invaluable key to making and taking effective decisions. Interestingly the powers of intuition are diminished by stress and general fatigue and so your ability to be insightful in decision-making can be adversely affected by these factors. Therefore you should generate clear well-defined concepts and develop them.

Knowing the truth or

Hence an holistic view needs to be taken in business decision-making. In many respects, it is better to behave as if truth is an object, that it must be discovered. The John Adair Handbook of Management and Leadership Time must be taken on the first, otherwise integrity, or the value of truth, is lost in the process.

In this sense, and in business too, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Gathering information also helps the collection of options, even considering options that you might think are closed to you eg increasing price, scrapping low-profit items etc. Conceptual thinking should be kept separate from decision-making, even though decisions are made on the basis of the concepts that we have.

Knowing the truth or reality can then be followed by deciding what to do. Concepts can be a way of taking your mind away from the particular and include the ideas of what ought to be as opposed to what is. Thinking first and then deciding what to do is the correct order in decision making. Getting at the truth should make knowing what to do easier. Questioning is a valid part of establishing the credentials of the adviser and the credibility of the advice.

It is not always possible to analyse problems into solutions and intuition is the useful power to know what has happened or what to do. There is a need in business to be able to see the wood for the trees holism rather than only the trees analysis. It is part and parcel of being creative in the approach to decision-making. These elements of recall, visualising, creating, foreseeing and fantasising contribute to effective thinking in business as much as in the arts or scientific fields. You are good at valuing if you can say that invariably you have good judgement and the converse is also true.

Concepts can be a way

Originality and innovation Creative and innovative thinking can help in making decisions that develop a business so they are elements to encourage in yourself and others. The concept of value in decision-making With analysis and synthesis, valuing is the third essential in effective thinking and decision-making. Look at the whole to see what that can yield by way of a solutions.