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What was needed apparently were

We now want to look at the corollary and overlapping issue of mankind's need s. Parallels with today are plentiful.

It works well for a sandbox and I didn't have to build one. What was needed, apparently, were new methods to reach the lost, new techniques to promote the church, new packages for the gospel message. While many within the seeker-sensitive stable would ascribe to most of the above definition for the gospel, in reality, this is not how the gospel is being presented to Harry.

It works well for a sandbox

But it soon became abundantly clear that something was seriously wrong. It can have a secondary purpose of being a sandbox, but that is not the reason it was manufactured. These new cousins have affected every aspect of church life. The answers to these questions are self-evident. This felt-need approach to relevanceultimatelydistorts their Christianity.

In support of this philosophy, Warren does a couple of things. The Gospel is not bringing people to Christ in order to meet their felt-needs. Growing churches are creating an atmosphere, an environment of fun. In order to discover the felt needs of the Saddleback Valley citizens, he orchestrated a community survey of the unchurched p.

Our manual for church growth is the book of Acts. Some within the market-driven church would cringe at being called such. Successful evangelical pastors like Bill Hybels and Robert Schuller are really no different than the successful modern liberal clergy, like Sloan Coffin and Harry Enwrson Fosdick. While some of the methods way disturb us, it is their message that is of real concern.

So fun has replaced holiness as the church's goal. Scripture, after all the dust had cleared, needed help from Freud. Most churches in America are small.

When Harry is attracted through a felt-need philosophy, he will not be retained when that approach is no longer used. We must preach Christ and Him crucified rather than market the church to worldly sinners.

Thus, the temptation then arises for a church to change, or at least hide, who they are so that they appeal to Unchurched Harry. Christian music is marketed the same way as secular music. There is just enough truth in Strobel's statement to throw most of us off guard. One day I awoke, sort of a Rip Van Wrinkle experience, to find that my world, the world of the church, had changed, and I had been left behind.