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The Moving Picture Girls Snowbound by Laura Lee Hope download in iPad, ePub, pdf

Alice, Ruth, Russ, and Paul leave the rest of the film company one day to shoot some scenes in the drama. Just as the opening day approaches, Mr. It is only after the family is served with an eviction notice and after the grocer and butcher refuse all future deliveries to the family that Mr. The Apgars have searched repeatedly for the money with no luck.

The Moving Picture Girls Snowbound, the third book in the series, is a much more sedate read than the second, which actually makes it more exciting and a lot more readable. She feels certain that her name is Estelle Brown, but she has no memory of her relatives or where she lived. Russ gets a great film of the drilling of an oil well, but a spy also films the same scene with his own camera.

While the tramp appears to be doing nothing wrong, Sandy is deeply concerned about the tramp's motive. Carl Switzer is the comedian and is a German with a strong accent. After arriving in Florida, a steamer is hired to carry the film company into the interior of the state.

During filming the girls become

Pertell changes his plans in order to thwart the rival company's efforts. DeVere's old voice affliction suddenly returns, rendering him extremely hoarse.

DeVere can hardly afford to

Through a stroke of luck, the missing money box left by Uncle Isaac is found. In the end, the passengers are rescued, a great film is made of the sinking ship, and Jack's accusers are brought to justice. Finally, the filming is concluded, and the spies for the rival film company are apprehended.

Later, Jack appears to fall overboard while Brisco and Lacomb are standing near him. Both Ruth and Alice feel nervous after reading of two girls who recently went missing from Lake Kissimmee, the very place to where the film company will travel. Despite voice rest and medical treatment, Mr.

Pertell are taken aback when they spot a moving picture camera in the ranch house and learn that it belongs to a recently-hired cowhand. During the filming of the climax of the moving picture, Estelle suffers a serious fall.

DeVere can hardly afford to repay the money a second time, but may have no choice. During filming the girls become acquainted with the many people who have been cast as extras in the film. Frank Pertell, requests of him is beneath his dignity.