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Astonishingly the Corporation seemed to

Astonishingly, the Corporation seemed to be up for it. His impact on so many lives has not been fully measured until this week. The even better news was that there were no conditions.

My memory of him is of a hugely sensitive man who cared very much about his music and his family, but also about how he was regarded by others. The extent of his talents was not fully exploited until Home Truths many years later. He was brought in from Capital initially to do the early morning shift, but the management clearly thought he would go far.

His impact on so

He struck me as an egotistical oaf with only moderate talent, a view I still cling to in the face of his great success. But we wrote to the Corporation anyway. Everyone was very accommodating, and although some people were initially reluctant to speak to me, it was clear that they all had a lot they wanted to say. So, like The Wrestling, the book is an oral history with narrative asides from me.

These are a few of the things he had to say. This was a role he found useful to foster, but in truth he was a shy and quiet man, prone to internalising his anger.