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The story is sad butSo I loved the buildup

It deals heavily with emotional abuse and then crosses into physical. Delaney Foster pulled me right into the anxiety that Emma was feeling as she began dealing with the emotionally abusive life she was living with boyfriend, Bastain. For old movie buffs, this is a nice and predictable sort of treat. It was the oddest thing and lacking in the drama I expected.

They are exasperated and ready to call it quits. But something I thought was important, is that Emma knows she can't be reliant on Alex. She just begins to realize it and wants to move on. Alex is dealing with his own issues as well. Most people love him especially the ladies but not everyonecreditors are always at his heels.

The story is sad, but it's also happy and heartwarming. So, I loved the build-up and the edge of your seat tension. Aside from that, this is an excellent story. But he doesn't want to let her go. She knows she can't use Alex as a crutch, so she still does things on her own to get away from Basian.

And, for the first time, Morgan's life is starting to go right and he's starting to make good for all his lies and half-truths. He's learning how to live again and not live his life on autopilot. Alex and Emma are flirty and cute and they made me smile. Others might be a bit less forgiving. Instead, she and Alex go out to lunch.

After all that buildup and suspense, the story seemed to have a bit of an identity crisis, switching to a sweet romance with periodic threats from Bastain that really have no impact until the end. The sex is hot but not in your face. It was still suspenseful and romantic.

But he's so full of bluster, promises and charm that people naturally like when they meet. There was a very natural flow and feel also. But, in a misunderstanding, he and Courtneidge split up. When she meets Alex I it was easy to see why his charm would pull her in, making her feel safe. Basian has been praying on Emma's kindness, and her guilt, for five years.