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The Phantom Army of Alamein by Rick Stroud download in iPad, ePub, pdf

Useful testimony comes

But Dimbleby has the fighting, the broad diplomatic picture sans camouflage, and Stroud the fighting plus lashings of camouflage. There are speculative parts of the book like suggesting that O'Connor would have defeated Rommel which detract from the work. He succeeded in the nick of time. But for now, Churchill had the victory he craved. Rick brings to life the incredible adventure of a disparate group of artists, sculptors, model-makers and conjurors who only a British Army in war time could find.

With this group, in particular Barkas and the artist Steven Sykes, Stroud celebrates some unsung heroes of the second world war. Destiny in the desert That the colourful tales told by Stroud should be entirely missing from Dimbleby's account is odd. Some say the Australian Chester Wilmot virtually invented it with The Struggle for Europe, but sadly, he was a victim of the structural failings of the De Havilland Comet, so it remains his monument.

Jasper Maskelyne is on the right

The film project was dropped after large sums of money had been spent in pre-production. He created small devices intended to assist soldiers to escape if captured and lectured on escape techniques. Whether he wrote it all or had help from Roald Dahl is a moot point. Churchill had to prove that the British could successfully engage the Germans in north Africa to enlist America in the goal of preserving British power in the Middle East. Myth becomes fact quite easily.

Jasper Maskelyne is on the right, touching the arm of Yvonne Helliwell, his stage assistant. Useful testimony comes from General von Thoma, commander of Rommel's Afrika Korps, who was captured on the last day and dined with Montgomery as his guest that night. The epic nature of the deception of Operation Bertram and its role in the Battle of El Alamein is beautifully told. You will all have your favourites.