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He promises Ruth a happy and satisfied life away from all these troubles. Nobel Prize laureate of literature John Galsworthy has been dead and buried for much more than seventy years now and this means that all English editions of his works are in the public domain. Therefore the experience of love can be very different depending on how old we are when it comes over us, be it like a coup de foudre or only gradually. Even when Falder gets out of the prison, he never finds freedom in his life and thus embraces death to get rid of his troubles and worries. All things considered, The Dark Flower by John Galsworthy is an entertaining read about the almost irresistible urges that drive a man when he falls in love.

After a few years

After a few years travelling about Mark settles down with Sylvia. Moreover, he is attracted to the sixteen-year-old bridesmaid Sylvia whom he has known all his life and he goes abroad to become a sculptor.

Her husband has long ceased to treat her like a person who counts anyways. However much we like the idea of eternal love, we have come to distinguish between three, four or even more seasons of love with good reason. In Summer he meets beautiful, though unhappily married Olive Cramier and they fall passionately in love with each other. Only in he made his literary debut with the short story collection From the Four Winds published under the pen name John Sinjohn.

Her jealous husband warns both of them, but the threat pushes Olive to finally yield to Mark and the escapade takes a tragic end. Feeling for the helplessness of Ruth, Falder decides to take her out of her misery by forging a cheque in order to help the miserable wife.

Moreover he is attracted