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Absalom was the name of Stephen Kumalo's son in the novel. The gaining of the open support of Ahithophel, whose secret counsel had doubtless been long before afforded vers. Joab killed Absalom with three darts through the heart. Disparagement of the existing, adminstration, and insinuation of the king's incapability and neglect. There can be no value in a noble lineage unless the position is employed nobly.

Hereafter they were outlaws and wanderers. It is a mournful lament from King David's perspective.

Absalom kills and murders a manThe fact is we instinctively hold

Fair and lavish promises, and holding out the prospect of a golden age under his reign. When David heard that Absalom was killed, although not how he was killed, he greatly sorrowed.

He assassinated Amnon at a banquet, and then fled to his grandfather's city Geshur for a refuge. Honour and wealth from no condition rise. Scripture quotes are from the English Standard Version of the Bible. We can learn from his example how to bear unjust suffering.

Josephus states the time, with the authority of the Syriac and the Arabic version behind him, as being four years instead of forty. Like the historical Absalom, Absalom Kumalo was at odds with his father, the two fighting a moral and ethical battle of sorts over the course of some of the novel's most important events. No faith so firm, no trust can be so strong, No love so lasting then, that may endure long. Would God I could die for thee, O Absalom, my son.

Absalom kills and murders a man, and also meets an untimely death. The fact is, we instinctively hold this man Absalom responsible all the more sternly because he had opportunities so fair and abused them so basely. But there are lessons to be learned as the Lord both teaches and redeems. Except David is still in exile. And now we have two lessons to learn at once.