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The Road to Oxiana by Robert Byron download in iPad, ePub, pdf

To get a fresher sense

His description of how the name Guermantes hypnotized him reminds me of how the name Turkestan has hypnotized me. But it's evident from revisiting his book now that it's a world worthy of our attention, our study and, of course, of literature. Chatwin always carried a copy with him and reading Chatwin is how I first discovered the existence of Robert Byron. Byron's primary goal was to visit monuments and buildings, and a good deal of The Road to Oxiana is taken up with architecture. Bryon was a great advocate of ancient architecture and worked feverishly during his short life to try and insure that as much of it was preserved as possible.

In Iraq he finds slaughter all around. The primary purpose of the journey was to visit the region's architectural treasures of which Byron had an extensive knowledge, as evidenced by his observations along the way. His style is jocular and laced with boyish enthusiasm. He would never get further east than Afghanistan. October - buy from Amazon.

To get a fresher sense of the Middle East, you have to step back. Byron's great talent is his ability to capture something of a scene or a meeting in a few words. Ledgard is a political and war correspondent for The Economist.

Byron's great talent

That is something from battlefields of old, where storks came to gorge themselves. It has a marmoreal texture, not transparent, but faintly powdered, like bloom on a plum.