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The RSL Book of World War I by John Gatfield download in iPad, ePub, pdf

In the land was

The rifle is the Short Magazine Lee-Enfield. Mick Malone, Imprimatur Books, Perth.

This is how the present Manly soldier is shown. Harry Brutnall, salvage operator, Rabaul.

It looks interesting and is certainly a great indication of the days and months and years you devoted to writing the book. In the land was sold to the Arnold brothers David, James and John who sub-divided the land for auction. The well-illustrated book - there are more than photographs many of which have never been published - relies greatly on personal narrative. It will made a wonderful gift for my cousin Richard Gault who was in Rabaul. Notice that he is wearing a slouch hat and not a cap as was worn just as often.

It looks interesting and

So very well done, and I do hope you have a great success with it. There would not be too many of our age who did not know him personally. This is how the original Manly soldier was shown and the present one too, it should be noted. Thank Christ he didn't front up. Using a macro lens I could get a good close up of the fresh and weathered marble.

Thank you for letting us know. Black does predominate in dress of the grieving relatives, but we would also see many men and women in ordinary clothes or perhaps with just a black armband and no bodily emblem of their loss.

Sometimes it was just Honour Boards that were prepared and installed in buildings or public places, and sometimes monuments were set up just for the day and then taken down. It is the prescribed position in drill manuals for catafalque parties standing vigil at funerals and at Anzac Days.

It is also the position of soldiers in Gallipoli, France, Belgium and Palestine stanfing for the burial of their comrades. Individual grains are obvious. What became apparent was that local people wanted to erect monuments to give public honour to local men. Sydney could not have turned on another beautiful day, and we witnessed the departure of one of the visiting Japanese warship leaving Fleet Base East.

Served under him as a sailor and he worked for me years later when I was a Lieutenant and he was a Chief. It covers very many aspects and gives great detail, but it is neverl dull. It was vandalised in the and smashed to pieces see above. All your labour has been richly rewarded and the truth at last has been recorded in history. The colour of the marble is often believed to have given comfort.