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The Seventh Sun by Kent Lester download in iPad, ePub, pdf

The Seventh Sun is not a bad book. It was never horrible, but there were several times when I was frustrated with it. Because they save this mediocre medieval fantasy adventure from the ash heap. Seventh Son is thoroughly ill-conceived, a pale imitation of its more adventurous and breathtaking brethren.

It was informative, interesting, but never engaging. It was very methodical and unimaginative.

Further mucking up

Kent Lester isn't quite there in The Seventh Sun. One of the problems that really held the book back was the main female character, Rachel Sullivan. The only things that really stand out in the book for me are the things I didn't like so it's really hard to put much positive in here. This has the right mixture of thriller and sci-fi. And Bridges is saddled with an awful accent he never masters.

Further mucking up the attempts at magical fantasy is a distracting, bombastic musical score and feeble attempts at humor. Bodrov certainly knows his way around epics, as his excellent Oscar-nominated films Mongol and Prisoner of the Mountains attest.

Bodrov certainly knows his way

Corporate conspiracies that lead to the destruction of the world, murder, ancient evils. It was one of those deals where the characters never got more than mildly interesting because you'd seen them so many times before.