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The Siege of Trencher's Farm - Straw Dogs by Gordon Williams download in iPad, ePub, pdf

The man himself Henry

They later learn that he is an escaped convict from the institute for the criminally insane located about ten miles away from the village. What happens next is that George and Louise have to defend themselves against the attack by these five men who mean to kill Niles, and, probably, them too.

Tom reminds the locals of Soldier's Field, leading them to believe that if they attack as a group none will be blamed. The setting is pretty much the same, but the tension is different. They are farmers living on the edge, with just enough land to have their families get by. George realises who Niles is and phones for the doctor and police, but the town is cut off to the police by the weather.

The locals tell Louise the story of Soldier's Field, in which locals who killed a rapist escaped justice as none of them would talk. Performance and reliability cookies These cookies allow us to monitor OverDrive's performance and reliability.

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They resent the

They resent the intrusion of outsiders, who they feel look down on them for their primitive ways. The man himself, Henry Niles, has a mental age of eight-years, and is constantly fearful of other people. Niles sees blood and flees, worried that he will be blamed, and George accidentally hits him in a snow drift with his car and takes him back to the farm, not knowing who he is. The tension builds relentlessly as the story becomes one of good vs. Louise feels that marrying an English professor was a real mistake.