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Hot Date is the third expansion pack released for the strategic life-simulation computer game The Sims developed by Maxis and published by Electronic Arts. If you like the sims you'll love this game much more. By the time he gets to the door, the police will probably be there. And creative new ways to impress your date. Sims can now use their telephones to call a taxi that takes them to downtown SimCity, which is composed of lots such as shopping centers, recreation areas, restaurants, or nightclubs.

In the gray box that pops up type in Interests to see the stuff that they like. Call the cab to take you sim to downtown. Then, click on their head and they will return without turning green.

Go into buy mode and sell all the gnomes. It's also the best expansion pack for The Sims yet. This cool cheat makes Santa pay your house a visit. Enable cheat mode and enter rosebud as a code, then enter! From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


This is the size the house should be for one person. The end of your entry should look like! You can do so much more its really kewl. When your sim's mood bars starts to glow red, call a cab to go back home, delete the sim again, make him or her reappear again then call the cab to take your sim back to downtown!

If i could i would play it longer then i do. Enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.

If i could i would play it The Sims is an awesome game and with Hot Date it only makes it better. Post-apocalyptic indie game.

But if you're a fan of The Sims, you'll probably be able to overlook these problems, just as you'll probably know what to expect from Hot Date in terms of its sound and graphics. Everything should be close to full. You can still center your view on a particular sim or right-click on an area to scroll quickly to it, though if you do this, you may still end up accidentally giving a sim an order.

Sims can now use their telephones to call a taxi that takes them to downtown SimCity, which is composed of lots that can be shopping centers, recreation areas, restaurants, or nightclubs. The relationship bar with acquaintances the sims know, now includes a daily bar at the top showing short term trends with decay quickly and a long term bar showing long term trends. Will your Sims find true love or be destined to a lifetime membership in the lonely hearts club? Hot Date adds an obscene amount of voyeuristic addiction to an already proven immersive experience. While a Sim is on a date, the Sim can be controlled, bup file but not actually give orders to its date.

List of games Book Category. Before you get a job make a couple of friends and try to increase some of your work attributes. Resume the game and tell your Sim to pay the bill.

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In here, put a silver refrigerator, a white oven, a silver garbage disposal, and a single, cheap counter. The only drawback is you have to have all female Sims as friends. Life simulation game God game.

We pay tribute to one of the most influential game developers of our time, Will Wright. Continue to make gnomes and preserves and always sell them. Good for a while but is hard to get friends.

This game is one of the best games I have ever played. If you want to be slightly safer, you can put more inside. Adds some needed worldly interaction into The Sims, which is a welcome addition to the game. By Metascore By user score.

The Sims Hot Date - PC

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Female Sims can enter with no trouble. This will make up for some of the money you have lost. You can also bulldoze any existing lot and either start another new one from scratch or download a custom lot from the game's official Web site.

If you have any unlockables please submit them. The Sims is an awesome game and with Hot Date it only makes it better. Build all your skill levels up cooking, body, logic, etc. Aggregate scores Aggregator Score GameRankings.

On a small table near by you will need to place the plate of cookies. Then next to the door, place the cheapest toilet. Will your Sims find true love or be Play matchmaker to your Sims and watch the sparks fly or fizzle. This is a good game and is really fun you can do so much different stuff than on just the original one.

Hot Date Review Hot Date's real additions are its expanded social options and its new downtown area, both of which make an already-interesting game even more fun to play. Tell your Sim to pay the bill as soon as he or she walks into the same room as the bill. This makes having both a relationship and a job which still typically takes about six hours out of a sim's day not only possible, but a lot easier than before.

You will see that your sim has disappeared. It's impossible to get a date, the sound-effects are too un-realistic when they kiss it sounds like there having seX. Get the latest news and videos for this game daily, no spam, no fuss. On the center of the wall facing the road, create the door of your choice. Get them out of the house and into the all-new downtown area where they?

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Do whatever is necessary to gain job promotions. The first thing to do in Live Mode is get to a job. To catch burglars faster, buy two burglar alarms and put them facing out toward the street, mailbox, or trash can. Most Popular Games on CheatCodes. Sometimes flies will appear in your house.

Wave the game immediately before performing this cheat, or you will lose any career changes or points you have earned. Your sim will then reappear!

Hot Date does an extremely good job of making The Sims a more interesting game. Instead of just giving your neighbor a hug, you can choose whether or not you want your hug to be a friendly gesture or a more romantic embrace. Across from the door should be a shower, and across from the toilet should be a sink and white mirror.