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The Story of Lingerie by Muriel Barbier download in iPad, ePub, pdf

Soon I couldn't hold back and I shoot my sticky cum all over myself soaking my panties. It was her finger pushy up inside my newly clean bottom. Somehow she sensed my lustful needs and broke away from me.

As we walked in he

When I awoke Shanie was standing over me. Put your full lipstick covered lips against my pussy. Men and women find it very sexy to see the top of your stockings and they love to get a glimpse of that forbidden area just above the stocking top. Pulling me up to her she pulled my dress over my head exposing me in all my girlie finery. Suddenly she thrust not one but two more finger up inside me.

All the while I was stroking my stocking covered legs. Suddenly she pulled back from me. Now all that was left between me and total nakedness were my rose colored satin and lace panties. She walked over to me and gave me a long deep French kiss our tongues dancing inside our mouths.

Patting me on my nylon covered butt she said quickly now get the rest of your male clothes on and go home. As we walked in he closed the door behind him and locked it. The feel of the sheer nylon against my tongue as I did this was arousing me and my pennie stuck out of the edge of my panties and began rubbing against her feet. You must have to piss she said to me.

Shanie lay back against the satin pillows her legs spread eagled. Oh my god what a feeling with my cock in her mouth and four of her fingers in my ass. Urging me on to worship her lingerie clad body and softly telling me that I would be the sissy that she had longed to have.

There I was on my hands and knees my face slick with spit and pussy juice. Much to my surprise as I was peeing Shanie was gently stroking my balls with her long red fingernails. Shanie sat down at her dressing table crossing her legs and exposing those luscious welts at the top of her stockings to me.

She washed over every inch of my body all the while rubbing her soapy body against mine. Seeing that Shanie leaned over and kissed my cock thru my panties sucking the head into her mouth and salving it with her saliva. Also in that drawer were the sexiest girdles. Then put eye shadow and eye liner on me.

Patting me on

Mistress legs had spread apart and she seemed to be mimicking my movements her hands tracing their way up her stocking covered legs, stroking gently at the inside of her thighs. She took a towel and dried my ass and cleaned up the liquid that had sprayed onto my legs and feet. The room was softly lit with candles burning all around. Falling onto me her face was inches from mine. Shanie pushed harder and harder driving her fist deeper into me her arm moving up inside of me as well.